Reclaimed hardwood flooring in FriscoIf you’re looking to update your home for 2017, consider installing rustic hardwood floors! If you are trying to make your home feel current and trendy, it may seem counterintuitive to install aged and weathered wood floors. However, rustic hardwood styles, like distressed, reclaimed, and hand-scraped planks, have become a popular choice with many Frisco homeowners. They look equally good in older homes, where they blend with the vintage detail, and in newer homes, where they add warmth and character. If rustic hardwood appeals to you, here are a few ideas from Floor Coverings International Frisco to consider:


In the old days, all hardwood flooring had to be hand-scraped. A woodworker would use a special knife to scrape and smooth each wood plank, resulting in slightly grooved and textured floors. Today, the same hand-scraped effect can be created by machine. Hand-scraped wood flooring does not necessarily look old or distressed, but its uneven texture makes it appear rustic and natural.


If you love the look of aged and weathered planks, distressed wood floors could be for you. Most distressed flooring is new wood that has been altered by machine to look old. Distressed hardwood often has a rough texture with scratches, dents, or other blemishes. One advantage to this imperfect style of flooring is that you don’t have to worry about keeping it pristine – wear and tear will only contribute to its distressed character.


Unlike most hand-scraped and distressed styles, reclaimed hardwood flooring is authentically aged. Reclaimed wood is salvaged from old houses and barns, so it is naturally weathered and imperfect. Because the wood is recycled, reclaimed hardwood also happens to be an eco-friendly flooring choice.

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Photo Credit: Johnny Adolphson