McKinney CarpetAt Floor Coverings International Frisco, we have hundreds of carpets available for homeowners to choose from, from red Saxony to orange Berber. You’re sure to find something perfect to complement the décor in your McKinney home. One of the most popular styles of carpeting among our customers is frieze. They enjoy its unique, shaggy texture.

What is Frieze?

Carpeting is divided into two main groups: cut pile and loop pile. When carpeting is manufactured, yarn is woven in and out of the backing material, creating loops. Loop carpeting leaves these loops intact while cut pile separates each loop into two strands. To make frieze, the strands are tightly twisted. This creates the curly texture that renders frieze so recognizable.


There are many benefits to frieze that set it apart from other carpet styles:

  • Frieze is perfect for high-traffic areas, like family rooms, because of its durability and propensity for hiding footprints.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain. Like all carpet, it is important to vacuum frieze weekly and spring for a deep cleaning every year. Frieze is better than most at hiding dirt, making it highly suitable for commercial spaces.
  • This plush carpeting has excellent insulating qualities, which helps to reduce your heating and cooling bills.
  • With frieze, your feet always stay warm. It is comfortable to walk or sit on in the winter.
  • Frieze has excellent noise dampening qualities, making it well suited for gathering places and rooms with loud televisions.

Colors and Styles

Frieze can be found in a variety of colors and styles to match existing décor. Many carpet manufacturers create frieze that is bi-colored, giving the carpet a speckled appearance.

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