Add a rustic, historic touch to your Prosper home with hand-scraped hardwood flooring! The hand-scraping method is a traditional method of evening out hardwood planks, often resulting in unique characteristics in each plank. Floor Coverings International Frisco is proud to bring hand-scraped hardwood straight to you!

Benefits of Hand-Scraped Hardwood

hand scraped hardwood


Hand-scraped hardwood has a unique personality that sets it apart from regular hardwood. The handcrafted nature of hand-scraped hardwood will guarantee a completely unique, one-of-a-kind flooring for your home, with subtle differences between each plank. When choosing hand-scraped hardwood for your home, you’ll also have the freedom to choose the type of hardwood and extent of hand-scraping. This will allow you to impart your own personality on your floors.


The unique, weathered appearance of hand-scraped hardwood has made it a popular and sought-after look. This flooring could be the perfect way to add rustic appeal to your home. The careful hand-scraping process delivers a stunning, artistically aged final product.


Hardwood flooring is a durable option for your home, and hand-scraped hardwood is no exception. This is a long-lasting, low-maintenance flooring option. Hand-scraped hardwood will also conceal dings, scrapes, and dents better than traditional hardwood. The unique imperfections of hand-scraped hardwood will disguise any damage that might come to your floors.

hand scraped hardwood flooring

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